• Well Proven Experience in Trade of Agricultural Products

  • Customer comes First

  • Purchase of grains and oilseeds from farmers


Bravus Company is general part of group of companies which operates and specializes in supply chain and trading of agricultural commodity, vegetable oils, walnuts and pumpkin seeds all over the world.

We have extensive experience in the markets of former Soviet republics and abroad, carrying supplies through the Black Sea ports of Ukraine to all major shopping areas.

Bravus Company is a rapidly growing and well-organized trade group that manages the supply chain from the producer to the consumer, while meeting the requirements of its customers and the ethical expectations of the global trading and regulatory community.

Our aim is to provide best quality and service with competitive prices. We are a customer oriented company. Therefore we ensure that all our clients receive High Quality Products & our Best Support and Services. We have sister-company in Ukraine with own storage capacity and manufacture. Our strong partnership relation with key logistics companies makes our group of companies the best partner for international and private trading companies all over the world.

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Bravus L. P 272 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4jr, Scotland, United Kingdom


+38 (063) 152 38 06



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